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  1. Ah ha! And there we have it. Perhaps that Windows implementation is forthcoming in a fix for the Mac.... would certainly be nice. Thanks much for your help — and for your professionalism!
  2. Mac OSX 10.6.8 Evernote 5.2.1 (401587) I don't want you to misunderstand: EN does accept the quotes, but it still returns all of the individual words in the search results. From my perspective, in a phrase search, there is no need to return the additional word results. Hope that helps.
  3. Yes, you are correct, but it also finds every instance of every word in the entire phrase. Which means: the more common the words in the phrase, the more 'hits' are generated... This then returns many pages of items to scroll through manually. (And all this is just to find a simple phrase.). If EN could truly search for an entire phrase "as a phrase," it would generate less hits as it should ignore individual words which are excluded by the use of phrase quotes. "important thing would be" versus "important", "thing", "would", "be" As a general rule, software/interface design should cater to the end user's needs, not the other way around which is: change the ways you work to fit my software's rules. I suppose what I am expecting is the choice to find a phrase first and foremost. I then can find each word in the phrase independently — but only if I want to do so... I'm a heavy EN user and love it, even recommend it to others — but always with the caveat that its Search needs improvement. For me, it's all about ease of use in the end.
  4. Grumpy, I certainly don't disagree with you. Just the focus of the chosen/implemented Search routines leaves me scratching my head, that's all... For instance, EN won't let me search for a basic phrase (two back-to-back words separated by a normal space surrounded by quotes) like, "important thing would be" as opposed to searching for "important", "thing", "would", "be". When I first realized this, I thought there was a bug in the program... Perhaps I am missing something, but I have been unable to find how to do this in EN. BBEdit will pick up on it, yes, but that is a basic search function that most users, imho, will expect.
  5. Sorry, BurgersNFries, I have to jump in here and agree with Servemark. I would consider this to be a "limitation" of the search function — whether it was intentionally left out or not by the dev. It certainly would be a benefit to EN and to all of its users to implement the ability to search within phrases, and to even search for full phrases. GrumpyMonkey has found a great workaround above, but it is not very fast and is certainly not as efficient as having the capability built into EN itself. I simply find it hard to believe that as a Premium subscriber I need to use (and pay for) an unrelated piece of third party software to search WITHIN my software of choice. No way to "crack that egg" and not call it a limitation...
  6. Grumpy, I think you are correct: I guess I need to stop using underscores. I got in the habit of doing so years ago because our Microsoft servers did not play nice with the Macs on our network. Not using 'spaces' in filenames seemed to help that solve that problem. Using underscores has also been extremely helpful when posting items to FTP for clients, etc. since spaces do not translate well when emailing direct FTP links. Our email server tends to break the filenames up and clients can never figure it out after that. :\ Unfortunately, I'm of the camp where software usability should conform to the user and not the otherway around. Oh well... compromising is still in vogue! hehe Thanks for your help.
  7. The only way in which I've gotten Search via filename to work is if the EXACT, full filename is used... not a very helpful Search, imho. For instance, a note with an embedded PNG file called, "Little_Sister_Wedding_Cake.png" will NOT turn up in Mac v5.1.3 as a search hit if filename:Wedding is used; filename:*Wedding* does not work either. Only filename:Little_Sister_Wedding_Cake.png works?!? Why implement wildcard characters at all if they don't assist in the search? The chances that a user would remember an EXACT filename precludes any hits at all... Evernote is a great application, but right now, especially as my work and number of notebook/notes increases, the ability to Search ALL content becomes more and more important. Right now, the lack of intuitive Search is EN's biggest weakness...
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