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  1. For DTLow and anyone else interested in the algorithm: The switcher shows the 8 highest ranking items based on a combination of signals computed for all items that match the search query. The Top Hit is simply the highest ranking item. The idea with Top Hit is that if we know the user probably wants a note it's best to pull it out of the notes section to the top to save presses on the down key. Roughly speaking, the signals the current algorithm considers are: The quality of the string match (what portion of the title is matched, is the match anchored at the start of the title, is there a phrase match). How recently/often the item was edited. How recently/often the item was switched to. Whether it's currently onscreen (a negative signal). Whether it's a notebook (these are boosted a bit higher than notes). Diversity -- we try to avoid producing lists of all notes or all notebooks. We have a nuanced concept of recently/often that tries to balance the importance of things the user does a lot over time with the importance of things the user has done most recently. For the results that appear before anything is typed we compute the same score as normal but without any of the string match signals.
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