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  1. Just wondering how it was you contacted the Business team? I'd love to circle back to see where your request is in our system.
  2. The first problem is probably the more-difficult one to solve for. The Monthly upload limit (I suspect) wouldn't be an issue beyond the initial transition of 16GB to Evernote. The Customer Success team (for all Business accounts) is able to facilitate a one-time increase to the upload limit during the first month of service for help in transitioning to Evernote Business.
  3. What about using the email-in feature for Evernote? http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 Perhaps since it's in email form, you could forward data in bulk into a specific Notebooks using the rules outlined in the KB article. Would that work?
  4. I'm somewhat familiar with the FirstClass product, but am not sure what sort of "exporting" options there are available for the data. Depending on the methods they offer, it may not export / import all that easily. For instance, the original dates from the FirstClass data would not auto-populate into the "Date Created" field in Evernote. It's possible to edit the date created field, but that would be a very manually-intensive task! In terms of space – Evernote Business accounts are allotted 2GB of upload (monthly) for each user on the account, so you would be fine on that front. Check i
  5. Hi there, Kristian! I'd be happy to talk to you more about this. Tell me more about about the needs the Business would have? We have a lot of great use-cases on the Business website (project coordination, company-wide communication, etc.). Do any of those sound like the kind of solution you're looking for? Regards,
  6. Olivier, For iOS, Business tags still do not show up on the tag card. They are, however, searchable using the "tag:xxx (a Business tag)" @jbignert mentioned previously. For Android, you should be able to toggle between Business tags and Personal tags. And for the web, clicking on a Notebook will reveal the tags within that specific Notebook at the bottom of the left-side navigation, under the "tags" section. Stay tuned! GMH
  7. CSD, Thanks for your feedback. We can definitely pass the feedback on to our product development team. For now, you can use your Mac or Windows Evernote client to move Personal Notebooks to the Business side of your account. Thanks! GMH
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