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  1. Hello, My issue is more of a bug report. I love the new feature in Evernote for iOS that lets me duplicate a note. I use my iPad at the gym. I create template notes for my different workouts and duplicate them and add the date to track my workout of the day. I used to have to duplicate the note using Evernote on my Mac and right clicking and "Copy to 'Workouts' Again" to duplicate my template into my Workouts notebook. Now I can do it on the iOS app using the duplicate feature. Now to my problem. When I use the "Copy..Again" feature on Mac app, it creates a new note with the Creation date as the current day. Perfect so I can sort by creation date for my workouts dates. However, when I use the Duplicate feature in iOS it makes a new note, but it keeps the original Created date of the original note. If I keep duplicating my template then I end up with a bunch of workouts "Created" on the same day. Sure the Updated date changes, but I really need the Created date to be the date I create the note (day of my workout). This seems to be more of a bug than a personal problem/feature request, because I would think these two features would be consistent in how they treated the Created Date. On the Mac app, it doesn't matter much either way since it is fairly simple to modify that date, but in iOS I am limited in what I can modify. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I think this is related to what I'm wanting to do as well. I log my workouts in Evernote. I'm looking for a way to automatically email me a copy of my last weeks worth of workouts. I'm thinking that this would be fairly simple if I could script the Email Note function and just make a query that pulls up the desired notes that I want sent.
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