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  1. Ohhh!! I had my sidelist narrow and didn't know there were columns there. Hmm. Quite an education I'm getting here. Thanks again!!
  2. <However, in side and top list views you can add the columns of any of the reminder fields - Reminder, Reminder Time or Reminder Done. > How do I add a column?
  3. Right-clicking does give me some options that I didn't know about for showing various things in the note itself--including reminder and reminder time--but not an option for listing them. Apparently snippet, card and thumbnail views are the only ones that can include reminders? Kind of strange but I can make that work, especially since email reminders are working. Thanks for the help, everybody!
  4. In further news, I just updated to version 6.4.2. Now in snippet view I get the reminder list, but not in side view (my preference) or top view. ???
  5. Thanks! My problem is that no reminders section is appearing. How do I add a column? Thanks for answering my beginner questions! I use Evernote with GTD extensively and am happy to be exploring some more of its tools. Screenshot below, if it worked.
  6. I'm just starting to use reminders. I use Evernote Premium, 6.3.3 for Windows. I understand that notes with reminders should appear in a separate list within their notebook, and I don't see that. What am I missing? I would like it if I could list all notes with a reminder across multiple notebooks (I think that's not possible now, right?). Thank you! Do Mi
  7. Thanks for the quick answer! Sorry for multiple postings. My post came up with an error message and told me to retry, but I guess it was going through... When I log in, I get to my own notes. Where can I find the support and chat options? ] Thank you so much!!
  8. When I open Evernote on my Android, it comes up in Search mode (with an old search text). I cannot get out of search mode; I can search by deleting the current search and typing one in. If I try to select the search string, Evernote crashes. I cannot start a new note. I have tried restarting the device. This is urgent. I am in the middle of a family crisis and am depending on Evernote to hold all the information. I thought that Premium provided phone or chat support for immediate help but I can't find that. I'm hoping someone can respond immediately. Thank you so much.
  9. Since the password reset (I did reset my password), I can't get Chrome Web Clipper to work. There is a red dot on the icon, and it has shown various errors. Right now when I click on the icon I get This webpage is not foundNo webpage was found for the web address: chrome-extension://pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc/popup.htmlError 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.Previously it was telling me to sign in but not allowing me to do that.I depend on Evernote and this is driving me crazy!I'm using Chrome 25x and Windows XP. Web Clipper was working fine until the password reset.Thanks for all help.
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