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  1. dlu, thank you very much! I just needed the last two registry keys to delete. I deleted them and 4.6.4 installed just fine. I was pulling my hair out!
  2. Wow, now I cant install or uninstall. There are no references to the word "evernote anywhere in my registry or my hard drive with the exception of the actual installer. I have tried the reverse the 8 letter code BS. I have searched ad nauseum on Google. The installer says I have a previous install already and errors out... I guess it is time to not use evernote anymore. Also, what is up with this site, it looks like ***** and is retardedly hard to use now.
  3. Just adding to the list. I tried to upgrade from 4.6.3 to 4.6.4 and I got this error as well.
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