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  1. The original note was in a google doc. I cut and pasted the contents into a new note. I hate to sound ignorant - but I am not sure I understand your other comments regarding dark view etc.
  2. http://www.evernote.com/l/AOjiFZOuB1FIyK_E3ncaatCQpLmzEh85HhE/ And my apologizes - I am using Windows 10 - but the app in windows - not the website.
  3. I have been having issues lately trying to share notes via the URL's. I am up to date in version. When within the note, I click on "Share the Link" downdown, select Copy Share URL. Then if I email it or try it myself I get and error message saying NOTE NOT FOUND. I duplicated the note and tried - same. The only way I can get the link to work is to copy and paste the entire note into a new note. This has happened 3x now. What is going on? Christine
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