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  1. I'm surprised at this too. How do you know if it has synchronized now? Please bring it back.
  2. When I synced, there was a pop up that showed in my Windows version, telling me sync was complete. That has disappeared with the new update. So how am I to know now that I have successfully synced?
  3. Thanks. I don't know how I missed that setting! It is also under settings in Android.
  4. S-notes are great to use, but in many ways frustrating. It is very proprietary to Samsung. My fear was that my Tablet would crash, and I would lose them. There doesn't seem to be any way to read them other than with the Samsung product. Hence, I backed mine up to Dropbox. But if I crash, I will still have to get another Samsung before I can ever read what I backed up.
  5. I sympathize with Mark, but I also get what others are saying. It is a great product and I decided it was worth paying for Plus to get the enhancements. My problem is that there is so much bait and switch with software. The cloud was free, now it will start not to be. Microsoft wants you to lease Office in the cloud, and soon, the whole Internet may cost us more. It is annyoying, but not sure I should have expected anything else. Nothing is free. It was just nice while it lasted I guess.
  6. My understanding is that it is only for the program if you have Plus or Premium. I think it is similar to Dropbox, you can't individually encrypt or code. But if I'm wrong, I would be happy to learn how too!
  7. I upgraded to Plus and now have a passcode on my mobile devices. But if I leave Evernote, I can come back into it without a passcode. It seems time based. If I come back a while later, it does require the code. Is it time based? Can that time be altered? I don't see that option.
  8. Yes, thanks. I think since it did not come from MY Yahoo account, I am safe. But it is a lesson NOT to use your Evernote email address as a CC in another email to avoid spam.
  9. My Yahoo account had an email today from ME (but NOT from my real email address) to me at my real Yahoo account, and 4 others from my address book. It included my Evernote email address. I ran Malwarebytes on my computer, found nothing. No evidence of entry to my Yahoo account, but then, it wasn't really sent from my Yahoo account. So, how did they get my Evernote email address? This is clearly spam, as it was not sent from MY account. So here is my theory. I must have at some time sent an email to Evernote, but also perhaps copied some friends? Hence the address was out there somewhere. Anyone else experience this? Do I need to change my Evernote address? Thanks. John
  10. In sending Email to Evernote, I only see the !yyyy/mm/dd @notebook format. I saw it asked wheter time could be added but have not seen any replies. So, is it possible to specify a time to the above format? Is there a default time, can it be reset? Thanks.
  11. THANKS ADJUSTING! That was the problem. I am amazed how I missed that. I was absolutely certain the notation was Notebook first, then Reminder. WOW. Can't believe I missed that. Once again, thank you for pointing it out. I need to write Evernote and tell them it was me, not the program!
  12. UPDATE I have played with this issue of @ and emailing to the right folder. If I put the following in the subject line: Seven minute Workout @Health !2014/02/22 It will go to my default notebook but the reminder is correct Does the ! make it go to default notebook, or is this a problem with my account? At least I seem to have narrowed the issue!
  13. Hi, here is an example of my subject line: Seven minute workout @Exercise That should go to my Exercise notebook, but it goes to my default titled Pending. In Evernote's first reply, they suggested unchecking Auto filing. That hasn't fixed the problem. If no one else has this problem, that seems odd to me....maybe I should try getting a NEW Evernote email address? Funny thing about it is I believe it was working for a while in the beginning but I was then too new to Evernote to know what was going on! But now it is consistently NOT working to the right notebook. Thanks for any help. EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR SEVERAL WEEKS AT LEAST. I JUST TESTED IT TO RELOOK AT WHAT IS IN THE HEADER....LO AND BEHOLD, TWO EMAILS WERE FORWARDED TO THE CORRECT NOTEBOOK. I WILL POST BACK IF THE PROBLEM RECURS. WIERD!!!!!
  14. Evernote is sending all of my email to the default notebook. Using @ and putting the name of the notebook after it in the subject line is not working for me, from Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook Exchange. I wrote to Evernote, and they replied promptly that they are looking into it and would get back to me. It has been a couple weeks and I have written back twice, but have not yet received a reply. Any ideas what is going on? Why isn't @ working? Why aren't they replying? I don't have a premium account, but they certainly responded quickly the first time. John
  15. Yes, it is Outlook Exchange. And I can use it on my pad or android phone.
  16. I have explored this further. It seems every note I send to my Evernote Email from my Microsoft Outlook Exchange account goes to my default folder despite any @notebook I use at the end of the subject line. Am I missing some setting somewhere? It's a frustrating problem.
  17. Hi, not sure what you mean about checking mail to my mail client. I was using Microsoft Outlook Exchange for the email where Pending didn't work. I suppose I could check and see if it does work from my Yahoo account. Ok, I did try....IT WORKS using Yahoo. So what does that mean in terms of my Outlook account....what needs to change there to get @ to work properly. And it is just malfunctioning for the one Notebook names Pending. Maybe the simple solution is rename that notebook? Seems odd.
  18. I am relatively new to Evernote. I thought the @ function had been working. But I just found an interesting issue. If I send a email with @ at the end of the subject line to most Notebooks, it works fine. But it will not go to my Notebook titled "Pending". Is there something unique about that name, Pending? It then goes to default. Thanks. John
  19. Thanks for the thoughts. I suppose to do what I am looking for, I could put a reminder on each at the date I expect it could be deleted. I am still trying to decide if it bothers me to keep "old" notes essentially forever as some suggest.
  20. I am trying to learn this paperless life. So for example, I get an online receipt for registering my car, or transferring bank funds. I want to keep the transaction number until the event occurs, like I get my new registration tags, or the funds transferred are in the account. So I clip it into Evernote. I have a Notebook called pending. Does anyone have a system or method for this? My method works, except I have to go through and delete Pending notes periodically so I don't have old useless notes. That is the nuisance. Suggestions? Thanks.
  21. I gathered from this thread that the username.exb file is THE date file for your notes. But it lives in a directory of files. In a calamity, if I wanted to restore the old database, would I only need the .exb file? I see another directory called attachments. Would that be required for the Evernote note attachments that I have? Thanks.
  22. Is there an easy way to edit notes in Android? I find I that I can add to a note but can't really modify the note. I can only do that on the pc.
  23. That makes sense. thanks. I even forwarded the email I received (following this thread) to my Evernote for future reference!
  24. Thanks. I will have to make sure Carbonite backs up the data files. But does anyone know if changing the password on one device would prevent getting into it on another device that never logged off?
  25. I don't log off. So anyone who clicks it would get in. Do most folks log off Evernote on their devices? Or if I change my password through another synced device, would it log off the stolen from device?
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