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  1. Ever since V 8.x I am asked to enter my iTunes password every time I try to use EN on iPhone 6 and on iPad Air 2. Really, really annoying. When I contacted support they said they heard some others are experiencing same thing, but not fix planned.
  2. Great that handwriting is available in iOS for the iPad as well as iPhone! But am I missing something? When I select the icon to begin handwriting I get a blank page - even on notes with existing text. So I'm not able to mark up an existing note, I'm simply adding handwriting (it appears at the bottom) without any coordination to the existing note. Very difficult to maintain any continuity this way.
  3. When I read that Penultimate was going to be totally redone, I hung on hoping for major improvements. Unfortunately I'm seeing minor improvements (somewhat cleaner interface, a highlighter tool), but some major steps back: Horrendous zoom scroll feature - no way you can write to keep up with itNo longer can you resize imported photos - what a painLoss of thumbnail view - this was a HUGE helpThe homescreen is a step back from the prior one.
  4. After frustration of Support's slow response (last time with this issue it took them 6 days to get back to me), I worked on decoding my current Activity Log in comparison to the one I had when I knew the solution. Long story short - found an image note that was not syncing. I deleted it, then removed it from the trash and was able to sync. Nothing to do with Penultimate this time! (Still wish it was as powerful as Noteshelf, but enjoy the seamless syncing of Penultimate to EN more than remembering to save each individual page from Noteshelf to EN.)
  5. Scott, Through shear rookie ignorance when I started using Penultimate (having ditched Noteshelf due to the 'seamless integration' of EN and Penultimate) I dragged Penultimate notes into different notebooks per the topic. The notes persisted in Penultimate and were still editable, etc. I only keep a couple of generic notes in the default Penultimate folder. However, I'm wondering is this is a source of problems. I've had my Windows EN client hang up 3 times over the last 3 weeks and could not get it to sync. Being premium I opened a ticket. After an unbelievable 2+ weeks of trying different solutions it was determined that a Penultimate note was corrupted and the cause of the problem. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of another similar issue (and still waiting for technical support to respond to the open ticket). I tried deleting the only Penultimate note I've changed recently, but that didn't resolve things so will have to wait and see if that is the issue.
  6. I wanted to accomplish the same thing - keep my Penultimate notes in Evernote, but if I didn't need to enter further information, remove it from Penultimate (to eliminate clutter). I contacted Evernote support, but was told that couldn't be done and there was no workaround. Purely by experimenting, I found a workaround. When you have your Penultimate note like you want it (and do NOT plan to make any further annotations), make sure it's been synced with Evernote. In Evernote, merge that (Penultimate) note with another note (even if it's a new note created just for this purpose). It will warn you that the merge severs the link with Penultimate (which is fine if you'll be making no changes in Pen.) Go into Penultimate and delete the notebook. It is gone from Pen., but still part of the merged note in Evernote (as an image - which could actally be annotated with Skitch). I've been doing that to keep my Penultimate clean and it works like a charm.
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