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  1. Solution: I no longer use the Evernote reminder feature - I've reverted back to using "ToDo Task Manager Pro" for simple one-time reminders in addition to the more elaborate ones, e.g., repeat every 4th Wednesday of each month.
  2. I would like to 2nd that. I use Light Flow on my android, which allows me to use custom sounds for various apps. And while you're at it, it would nice if you added a vibrate on/off option as well.
  3. UPDATE! I click the icon and couldn't get the log in prompt anymore, then clicked it again and got the log in prompt (much faster this time I should add) and logged in successfully using e-mail address and password, which how I usually log in. Sounds like there was or is a "Chrome-to-Evernote server" issue. Firefox and IE, as I'm sure you're aware, write to my desktop client app and they continued to work w/o issue.
  4. Hello, I just began experiencing this issue this evening at home on my personal laptop - Windows XP. No issues as recently as last evening. I do have the latest version of Web Clipper and Chrome installed. I did install Web Clipper on my Chrome browser at work and logged in successful earlier today. Could that be related? Also, I have a desktop with Chrome + Web Clipper and I cannot log in there either. I just got a pop-up indicating that my desktop client failed to synch. But when I launched the client app and clicked synch, it synched successfully. Any ideas?
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