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  1. I have been a premium paid user since 2012. I have more than 5,000 notes. I am using Evernote on my Windows 10 laptop, ipad pro, and my Android cell phone. Today, right after the update of Evernote in IOS, I found that many notes got corrupted. Some of my important notes was changed to unreadable weird words as bellow: dear if or Mr lb girl IC ID rule ago p ebb be is not i ? led de Dr Dr ring -,.11 If to i ? pa cf If Deb n Deb i I'D yd when NBC r ? fan 113 hook else rip Deb s IB fire rag rang ran rap ft. AC " IL rat in Is. & I'd lose IR it ray am an rt. I'm AR as RRs at re JA Fe BQ IRA rm RN hod dean RR a ? e ? pore poe RZ It P arc S SNP X RTZ where so i Ing sr st a b d Jr firs i a i d i c m i f i e Lin TD 3D q i i t SOP i k TI u i n LAN LD lb. y TN i re i t i s da eke tr i z Eli lib di LR DJ DM NFC rules while TD ebb red eU Pru white etc rare jet It. ? Le sot has rep us pre def n gird d a def s its d i look Dr d m tube Roo d n def a ANC NE it ? debs def i go ebb NT ry. II! ? PE BF PE be FP o ? can rot of NYC GA PE bt ltd PE BQ PE BP on CSR PE by Nic el-l SSP pa Sll.,' Len Rio Gd pm My class notes in a university became mixed with my other notes that I wrote while working at a company. For example, a note is mixed with Real Analysis (Mathematics) and a work request from my previous boss at the company. Weird, and DISAPPOINTED. TERRIBLE. The most important thing for Evernote is its STABILITY. If this is not OK, then it is all OVER. I AM DONE WITH EVERNOTE.
  2. Which Evernote is more stable? Evernote for iOS or Android? I have been using Evernote for Windows laptop and Android Tablet since 2012. Evernote for Android is very stable and nothing error happened to me. Evernote for Windows has a little bit of bug, but still acceptable to me. I have purchased ipad pro 12.9, and going to use Evernote for iOS. How stable is it compared to Android? One more question: Does Evernote for iOS also support for Apple Pencil? Evernote for Android supports for Wacom pen. So you can draw or make notes directly on Evernote.
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