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  1. I've got the same symptoms, whether at home or at work - crappy slow computer at work (iMac 2009) but a very good one at home, with SSD, where OSX is pretty fast (MacBook 2014), and it's been like that for weeks, and every time I use. Right after opening Evernote it's ok, but as times goes by the latency starts to go up . It doesn't seem to get to 1000ms , though, but it's still pretty annoying. On preferences, it is set to sync notes every 30 minutes, the sluggishness doesn't seem to be related to that.
  2. You can "Leave Notebook..." by clicking on the Notebooks icon in the Navigation bar. Then right-click on the Shared Notebook and choose "Leave Notebook...". There are lots of other options here as well. Thank god that was annoying me to death. How do I leave a Notebook from the Evernote desktop app?
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