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  1. One way I use notes is for my work with rescue Pomeranian's. I create a note for each dog. As time goes on I add pictures, documents, vet reports, invoices, etc... to the note for the respective dog. This way I can email to the new owners, fellow rescuers, our treasurer, etc... My question is this, how do I rearrange the attachments once they are in a note? I would like to have pictures at the top and the documents grouped by subject, but I don't receive them this way and they trickle in. Here is an example in where I would like to move the picture to the top: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s87/sh/8de9bf17-4e50-43f0-9c3f-d7188895e1ed/375e0f50eada0020bb0b363010453dac
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