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  1. Thanks to everyone for the very useful suggestions. Should get me most of the way there. Am surprised, though, that there's not a dedicated note type to search by, since Evernote clearly treats business cards (in terms of formatting) very differently than every other type of card.
  2. In Evernote (I'm using the Mac version), is there special syntax for searching for all business cards? Obviously I can search for "intitle:"business card"", but, in case I've edited the title of some business cards to not have "business card" in them, is there search grammar I can use to retrieve all notes that were created with Evernote's business-card scanner? Thanks for the help! -Alan
  3. Just stumbled upon a work around (at least in the latest version of Evernote): select all the notes you want (I do this after searching so selecting all is easy), right click, select "Copy Note Links" and then paste in a new note: all the note links appear in the correct format in a vertical list. Problem solved.
  4. When I try to create note links by dragging one note into an open one, I don't get the name of the note, but rather a link that looks like evernote:///view/25611/s1/93eb4feb-3b54-4c8f-9b1b-9caf4788b49a/93eb4feb-3b54-4c8f-9b1b-9caf479a/. But when I right click on a note, select "Copy Note Link" and then paste, I get the actual note title. Is there a way for drag-and-drop to give me the note title, rather than the oddly formatted link? Thanks, Alan
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