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  1. Joe, it appears the problem seems to manifest itself after I've plugged in the Cinema LED display and may be limited to snapping the browser (maybe just Safari) though I think I tried Firefox and/or Chrome, too.
  2. Oh, and I've rebooted twice just to make sure there were no residual bits of old code in memory.
  3. @Joe, Yes, I'm quire sure. I was running 2.6 when the problem surfaced. I've been a long-time skitch user and when you switched to delivery via the App store, so did I. When I upgraded, the system asked if I wanted to keep both copies or replace and I chose replace. I've just used Spotlight to search again and it only shows one Skitch application. I've looked in the Application folder and see only one version (v2.6.2). I had to get on with my work so I just bought Glui for $4.99. I have to say that since Evernote bought Skitch, the net result has been less than desirable.
  4. I was using Skitch v2.6 and this started happening to me this weekend. I went to http://evernote.com/skitch and downloaded v2.6.2 and that did not fix the problem. I get the cross-hairs, I see the pop-up confirming the capture, I click on "Capture" and the Skitch canvas remains unchanged. I'm running OS X 10.8.4 on a retina MBP with an LED cinema display attached.
  5. Actually, I don't want to resize as in making it larger or small in general, but I actually want to extend the canvas by pulling on one edge or another. I often use this to create new area to draw on or to add extra background around the image since it adds space based on what's at that edge. For example, I can take a logo that is cropped closely and give it a buffer around the edges.
  6. In the old Skitch I could grab any edge of an image and drag outwards to extend the image in that direction. I found this very useful -- VERY USEFUL. In the last version, I find that I can no longer do this. Am I just missing the right incantation or is it no longer available now that Evernote owns Skitch?
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