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  1. The latest iOS update seems to have fixed the issue for me!
  2. I updated EN on both devices last night and the issue seems to be fixed. The passcode setting holds on. Thanks to EN for the fix. Not impressed by the (lack of) communication around the issue, though. It's not fixed for me (iPhone 6).
  3. They just released an update today, hopefully it addresses the passcode issue.
  4. I disabled Touch ID in EN for now, see if that helps.
  5. It's kind of frustrating now, I keep a lot of important notes and files in Evernote, and I don't feel safe using it anymore when the passcode disables itself. I believe 1Password had a similar issue, I don't understand the technical pieces, but it was an issue related to the Touch ID sensor and the keychain. Maybe that will help.
  6. Same issue here on my iPhone 6 and iPad Air. I reported it and it sounds like they are aware of the issue but I didn't hear of an ETA on the fix.
  7. I took some important photos with the EN app that I wanted tagged with the GPS location. The location was tagged to the note itself. But the photos saved to the camera roll contained no location data and we're missing a bunch if other EXIF data (all the camera data that is normally saved to an iPhone photo). Could you please tag photos shot with EN with all the information normally saved to a photo taken with Camera.app? Thanks!
  8. Just a small feature request here for the ability to set defaults in Skitch for iOS. Right now it defaults to a nasty pink color (I'd prefer red), and the default line and arrow width is too thick. Would be nice to be able to set those defaults (or at least have Skitch remember the last used settings. Thanks!
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