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  1. I agree with Michalk - you've described the newest fujitsu scansnap iX500 - It scans 25 2 sided pages in 1 minute - the trayhold 50 pages. You don't even have to own a PC to use it. - It's also a real high quality scanner - look at michalk's link to a great review - it's not the cheapest, but you get you money's worth - All of Fujitsu's past scanners have been quality products so this one should be too
  2. You don't want the cheapest - Evernote is great but the cheapest won't let you really use evernote - Two things you need 1- It must be wireless - that you can use it in rooms without a computer (you can access it from you mobile device) - You want to keep it in the room where where the papers are (not necessarily where your computer is) - can be where you open your mail, receipts, your filing cabinet- everywhere - so put it where you need it. 2- You need fast and a document feed (not flat) so you can put a whole pile of papers in at once and just have it all scanned quickly I found a great evernote scanner http://a-sale-on.com/wireless-fujitsu-scanner-price-and-review-fujitsu-scansnap-ix500-evermore-scanner/ - that's a great review. When you see what it does you'll realize that a cheap scanner isn't what you want
  3. I've been using Evernote for a year and I love it!! - I keep all my notes on it, pictures of the kids, reminders... I don't even use my PC, I access everything from my Galaxy. Christmas, my wife bought me a present - A scanner - I don't think she realized how great it would be - She bought me a Fujitsu iX500 scanner - It opened up a new world for me. - I now scan everything - And I mean EVERYTHING!! - I gave away our filing cabinet - everything is in evernote - and so easy to find. I even scan supermarket receipts . of course I had to read about it - I this site very helpful - http://a-sale-on.com/wireless-fujitsu-scanner-price-and-review-fujitsu-scansnap-ix500-evermore-scanner/ (maybe a little pushy but so right) If you have only a regular scanner you're really missing out on the strength of evernote - With old scanners you only scan the few pages you need - This is a totally different idea. You scan drawers and drawers of documents in no time - everything gets filed on evernote. Just like using evernote you can do it all from your galaxy or blackberry or whatever you have
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