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  1. This does not seem to address what I am talking about. There is only ONE user database, which is for ME! This did not happen until version 6.2.4. Do you understand the changes with the most recent version? But here's some good news: When I signed into ME on Evernote, but under USER2 W7 account, Evernote didn't move the data from USER1 to USER2. I have not yet signed into the ADMIN(only one of these W7 accounts) yet. Maybe things have settled down?
  2. I just updated W7 Evernote on my PC. As is always the case, I used the admin account for the update to the latest version. Then I went back to ONE of the 'normal user" accouonts where I use Evernote. So far, my Evernote files have been moved TWICE, (from user to admin, then from admin back to user). HOW many times will this happen? Every that I use Evernot under a different user on my PC? This looks like a major FAIL in anticipating how your users behave.
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