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  1. This does not seem to address what I am talking about. There is only ONE user database, which is for ME! This did not happen until version 6.2.4. Do you understand the changes with the most recent version? But here's some good news: When I signed into ME on Evernote, but under USER2 W7 account, Evernote didn't move the data from USER1 to USER2. I have not yet signed into the ADMIN(only one of these W7 accounts) yet. Maybe things have settled down?
  2. I just updated W7 Evernote on my PC. As is always the case, I used the admin account for the update to the latest version. Then I went back to ONE of the 'normal user" accouonts where I use Evernote. So far, my Evernote files have been moved TWICE, (from user to admin, then from admin back to user). HOW many times will this happen? Every that I use Evernot under a different user on my PC? This looks like a major FAIL in anticipating how your users behave.
  3. Note: I am using the Waterfox version of Firefox. I just made a few changes and the tag option no longer appears in the drop-down "Save" menu. The changes I made: Clicked options on the Save dialog while attempting to save a bookmark, set start as bookmark, send to desktop. Upon return from the options, the tag that I had set for that bookmark had disappeared. Proceeded to save, then added bookmark via desktop. Inconvenient! My next attempted to save another URL as a bookmark brings up the Save dialogue WITHOUT the tags option. Maybe this is just one of those Waterfox only bugs. But now I seem to be stuck with this limited functionality in the web clipper. How to undo this? Cheers, David
  4. Greetings, Brand new user of the Evernote application for Windows Desktop. Things are not working as I expected, so I need to see where or what I'm misinterpreting. I followed the instructions in "Getting Started with Evernote for Windows Desktop." In section two, "Create & Edit a Note," I attached a photo to the note I had just created. I did the "attach" function using drag and drop, as follows: I opened Windows Explorer and navigated to a folder on my computer which has photos. With the Evernote for Windows Desktop, still open from creating the note, I dragged the filename for the photo into the note. What I expected is that this photo would now appear within the note. I don't see it. However, in the "Note List" portion of the home screen, the photo appears (but only when in "snipit" view. The photo is indeed "attached" to the note, even though it does not appear "IN" the note. I was able to export the attachment, using "Save Attachments" back to another folder which I created for Evernote exports. And, somewhere along these steps of poking around, the photo (or attachment) disappeared from the note altogether! So, I went through the tutorial steps again, creating a second note and dragging a photo from the Windows Explorer file list into the note. Voila! This time it appears within the note! Probably I did something slightly different in my second attempt to follow the tutorial steps, but I don't know. Other than "If at first you don't succeed, try again," is there something else that I can learn from this experience? Cheers, David
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