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  1. I find that there is now a way in Android Evernote to copy a template (or other) note. In a list of notes (All Notes, or a notebook) do a long-press on the note, then select Duplicate. The duplicate note includes the tags and location of the original.
  2. [Reposted from github so that the thoughtful, helpful reply from hitokiri82 gets back to here. Thank you!] Hi. Do you remember the Python script you posted in the Evernote forum last November 2012, to import Google Bookmarks and Google Chrome bookmarks into Evernote as individual notes? Thank you! I have only a passing familiarity with Python. I have installed it. Two things, please, if you are willing. I don't know where to specify "bs4" to import Beautiful Soup. I will, of course, search and try to answer that on my own. The other thing is your suggestion to add creation date information to the enex files. I would think that would be very useful, and I wonder if it is something you could easily specify. Thanks for your time, and your productivity contribution. --David
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