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  1. I had been testing Event noted but regularly created duplicate notes, or received a lot of note conflicts. Also, the note to calendar integration seemed only one way (use Event noted to create calendar event). However, Powerbot creates meeting notes from my Google Calendar meetings / events which was exactly what I wanted. Seems to work fine, I will test it this week for meetings I have scheduled. I am also going to link with Gmail. Everyone currently using Powerbot?
  2. Thanks ... I am going to try Event Noted for a while and report back ... may then try EventBot
  3. I think because Evernote was never intended to be a "task managment" system to organize tasks and integrate with calendars, etc. Many of us it for that (me included), which speaks to the power of the flexibility of Evernote. But, in the end, its primary function is to retain data, make it easy to organize and retrieve, and make it avaiable over many platforms. People are not crying out for functionality beyond that because it would like asking MS Powerpoint to send e-mail.....it was never meant to. B Evernote is branching out in so many productivity areas, I would think integrating the software with task management / calendar functionality would be essential.
  4. I have started to use Event Noted ... has any one found a way to create a note from a calendar event in addition to create a calendar from a note. My idea solution would allow me to sync meeting notes to an event I schedule within Google Calendar.
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