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  1. Thanks JD & David for the Evernote web suggestions, great idea
  2. I applied for the beta programme but have heard nothing at all?
  3. Anyone here from Evernote?? an answer would be nice.......
  4. Thanks, hopefully a new beta might fix this? - Cheers Robert
  5. UPDATE AND CLOSING - all is now fine under iOS13 b3 and latest Evernote iOS Version 8.22.370013 on my iPhone Xs. iPad Air2 is not with me currently but guess that will fine too - THANKS EVERYONE Hello, unfortunately Evernote iOS 8.21.369945 crashes on start using latest developer iPadOS13 b2. Just signed up for Evernote beta in hope that fixes things
  6. Hello, unfortunately Evernote crashing on start on padOS13b2. Just signed up for beta in hope that fixes things
  7. Further to the above, after reinstalling, emptying trash etc, I was trying to thing what had changed at my end and I realised I had started 'Stacking' notebooks. All the failed syncs came from one set of six notebooks in one stack. I unstacked and all is fine, SO BUG! in Stacks. If it helps? the failing notebook all had hyphenated names "Rob Follis PR - Arcam"
  8. With this release, for the first time ever, Evernote refuses to sync properly throwing up errors every minute or so (see screen) different folder every time. Infuriating as I have just moved my bookkeeper onto Evernote for accounting use. I have submitted logs to tech support,
  9. Thanks SO MUCH Explorer, dragging to dock item works perfectly and I discovered that there is a "Send To Evernote" in Services too that does the job
  10. Greetings I have started filling 100s of existing PDFs in Evernote Each one is fully titled "Review One Nov14" etc When I drag them to the menu bar icon, a quick note is created and the PDF added BUT this is then titled as "Untitled Quick Note" PLEASE make an option to extract file title and use that Cheers Robert
  11. Thanks for feedback and welcome! I like rambling with the mouse for actions and have a large number of text shortcuts configured as command shortcuts So when I am writing, I use the keyboard and when navigating I use the mouse Having the shortcut is fine, but burying everyday functions is IMHO a mistake, especially when there is tons of room in the drop down panel Cheers Robert
  12. The one single menu command that I use dozens of time a day has been moved DOWN and out of sight in the menu bar item, menu! This is crazy! "Find in Evernote" should be the FIRST action visible at top level. Why hide it in prefs? Do the devs actualy use the programme on a daily basis? Please reinstate this important function to where it belongs, the key commands are not a substitute.
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