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  1. What absolute nonsense! This is 100% an Evernote problem. What is unbelievable is that they are not fixing it or even communicating a timeline.
  2. All operations are SO slow, like working in treacle! Especially adding files, it can take up to 20 seconds sometimes more for an added file to appear in EN. V10 is markedly slower than previous versions, sometimes painfully slow, some of that has be to Intel coding
  3. PS try :Macupdater" from Core Code. Lists updates and ARM status
  4. Thanks, I only found it because you (I think) pointed it out - Cheers Robert
  5. Do you realise that very few people know about the voting feature? It is effectively invisible unless you are an educated and regular forum user
  6. Now that Microsoft and Adobe are delivering ARM versions of their complex apps for M1 Macs. When will we get an ARM Evernote? That might help the speed problems?
  7. EVERYONE: Please UP VOTE this discussion Almost invisible function at top left of the thread.
  8. Since it is now the same codebase, no reason it can't be easily done when Evernote finally goes ARM / Mac Silicon
  9. EVERYONE: Please UP VOTE this discussion Almost invisible function at top left of this discussion.
  10. As @MrIllustratorsaid: "This is the basic stuff that should be brought back before they mess around with these other pointless stupid “killer new features” for goodness sake. Evernote you haven’t even got the note list refresh working! + a hundred other essential features in Classic. " This is supposed to be release version NOT a beta! The CEO and CTO need to guide their dev team to fix user issues for paying customers and not play around with marketing ***** like 'Home' Execs should be keen to know about unhappy customers. The VOTE feature is obscure and invisible unless you know wh
  11. 100% Agreed. All that work on the useless 'Home' page and basic features are missing
  12. GO TO LINKED-IN - search for Andrew Brown - Evernote Chief Product Officer - MESSAGE HIM Dear Andrew, REF *URGENT* Bring Back 'Print PDF to Evernote" and 'Share to Evernote' Why have you removed these critical workflow features? I relied on them every single day to file invoices and more from incoming emails. My whole financial and tax archive is built on easily sending PDFs to Evernote. Now this is impossible without clunky workarounds. Why can I get no sensible answer from anyone at Evernote? I am a very unhappy long term customer! Be really nice to get an an
  13. Does anyone have the email addresses of the Evernote CEO and CTO?
  14. SUGGESTIONS Everyone post the same question again and again, so they can't claim not be aware? *URGENT* Bring Back 'Print PDF to Evernote" and 'Share to Evernote' TWEET to @Evernote and @Evernotehelps
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