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  1. Digittrance, I think you nailed it. I've found myself opening Evernote less-and-less after the big redesign and find it increasingly more cumbersome to use since they packed it "full of features". It doesn't do reminders, tasks, etc, anywhere close to as concisely as competing tools, and in the meantime has gotten progressively less able at being a note-taking tool. I stuck with Evernote a long time, but they seem to be going down the Yahoo route where they're trying to be everything for everyone and in the process just becoming mediocre, which is a bummer. Hope they correct course... +1 for markdown...
  2. No, it's not a "weak answer". It's a factual answer. Additionally, Evernote does not publish their roadmap or ETAs. Ok, maybe "weak answer" was not the right term, I apologize. Perhaps the bureaucratic nature of your answer is the rub. I think the facts as you laid them out are a curt dismissal of the issue and ignore some basics of good customer service. Remember that people here presumably want to use the product and it's our only way to request features that would, in our opinion, improve the product. Again, it's a courtesy issue. Factually speaking, you did seem to ignore that there are over a hundred posts over a five year period without response from Evernote. For each post to a forum such as this there is a multiplier (100x, 1000x?) for how many other people who feel the same way but aren't retentive enough to waste their time (like me) to issue a post... Anyhow, +1 for Markdown or Multimarkdown, and +1 for a thoughtful, courteous, customer-friendly response from Evernote support. Thx!
  3. Just because a feature has been requested does not mean it will be implemented. A lot of users have other feature requests & sometimes my feature request may be mutually exclusive of your feature request. Plus, EN must balance resources as well as priorities. And some feature requests they may simply decide to never implement, for whatever reason. That's a pretty weak answer, though, you have to admit? I think a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down is all people really want to hear from any software company. If Evernote, as you say is balancing resources/priorities or simply deciding not to implement it, then why not just be a customer-friendly company and issue a single post that answers either "Yes, we'll implement it because we love our customers" or "No, we will not implement it because XYZ, sorry". It would save us all the 5-years of talking at a brick wall. It's a courtesy issue as much as anything else.
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