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  1. I'm also not able to press the Annotation button at the top right on PDF attachments - is this happening to anyone else? It's grayed out on both my iPad and iPhone on all notes that have PDFs. Thanks!
  2. In the new iOS app, when I go to put a note in a notebook, you pull down to search from available notebooks. In the old version, you could search any part of the word (i.e. "Read" would pull up my notebook "_Reading List" but on the new search, it only searches from the start (i.e. You have to start searching with "_R" if you want it to find "_Reading List). Why would this change??
  3. At least they're aware of it now. I emailed them a week before Sierra came out proper and was told that they don't support beta software and that I could email back after Sierra was out of beta. So instead of trying to fix something that was a problem they were interested in reminding me that it was just beta software. I guess I'm just a little frustrated because of the new huge price tag and the multiple month lead up to Sierra that we're still having problems with the software like this. If the price tag is for something professional grade, then it shouldn't be catch-up to fix problems.
  4. Hi, I'm having the same issue on my iPad w/iOS 10.0.1 and the latest App Store version of EN. Any feedback on how to solve this?
  5. I'm having this exact issue - I used to be able to rotate pages or add information to a PDF and now I have to save the PDF to my HD and re-upload it to Evernote. I'm on the final public beta and have Evernote 6.9
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