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  1. nope, don't have the "Reminders" section. I may have at one time, but not now and I don't see any way to bring it back. thanks tho.
  2. I have version of the client. I always use the Snippet or Card View. I don't see any separate reminder list. I have it set for "All Notes". It is sorting notes by "Updated". Not sure how/where the reminders are.. i did a search of remindertime:day and then they come up... not pretty (like it doesn't show the dates on the cards, but they are in upcoming order). And not much consistency between platforms/user interfaces. thanks, tho for your comment!!!
  3. why does Evernote not listen to their users? why doesn't Evernote have a standard syntax and provide consistency across the different types of objects. it all seems to be a big 'hack' and doesn't follow any norm riddled with exceptions and such. this would also allow easier maintenance on the product. perhaps a new search engine to replace the old one so that the incompatibilities wouldn't have to be addressed.
  4. And why can't the windows client work like other clients in regard to support of reminders without having to do search 'tricks'? It seems so incredibly simple to have something that will list upcoming reminders by date. The IOS client does it. These inconsistencies between platforms is frustrating. This is one thing that doesn't seem to have a technical barrier that would inhibit it. I love evernote but can't understand such limitations.
  5. Their signature is the ability to retrieve and edit documents across platforms. And this seems to be so easily corrected. There is another thread that seems to provide the answer. I found this error in some of my documents. The documents had a horizontal line to divide parts of it. This is a no-no for Android, apparently. I removed them and it now works. The other thread is at: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/27914-fixed-this-note-contain-some-unsupported-formatting-data-loss-tracking-thread/ the specifics are: For Android editable notes that avoid data loss stay away from the following "Unsafe to Use" formatting. Unsafe to Use Indented checkboxesAttachmentsDivider lineTablesHyperlinksSafe to Use Non-indented checkboxesAny text formattingBullets (indented or not)AudioSpecial Case Text Aligning Alignment; left, center, right, justify, does not cause the unsupported format issue and shows up correctly when viewing a note on Android. However, the alignment is forced back to Left Justify when editing the note with no way to change it.Thanks to GollyJer for the answer.
  6. It's Not Easy Being Green - Kermit the frog Having to spend each day the color of the leavesWhen I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or goldOr something much more colorful like that It's not easy being greenIt seems you blend in with so many other ordinary thingsAnd people tend to pass you over 'cause you'reNot standing out like flashy sparkles in the waterOr stars in the sky But green's the color of SpringAnd green can be cool and friendly-likeAnd green can be big like an ocean, or importantLike a mountain, or tall like a tree When green is all there is to beIt could make you wonder why, but why wonder whyWonder, I am green and it'll do fine, it's beautifulAnd I think it's what I want to be From: http://www.lyricsmania.com/
  7. Crazy search logic if their notebook object is treated differently.. it is crazy that you can't negate a notebook in a search and it would be so very very useful. i want documents that are not in a notebook. hoping some developers are listening!! Thanks for the awesome product.
  8. Okay so I had to download EN5. Maybe too soon. Yes, it does look cleaner and less cluttered.. I save space by not displaying the left pane as it is just a lot of things I don't use often. But there are a few I do use. BUT.. I can't put items/objects on the toolbars anymore. I used to have my frequent notebooks and tags up there (a couple of each). at work i had a work one. then I had a notebook dropdown rather than the left pane.. why why why can't i drag these things up there anymore? When I try it puts a not symbol and won't put it thee. PLEASE?
  9. completely ridiculous. why would this not work for any object reference such as a notebook. there seems to be some very strange coding and design behind this product. While I like it a lot, it is riddled with inconsistencies and exceptions. this was the first search i was trying to do. I wanted all notes that were not part of my Work notebook. Okay, i will go with the tag concept but it is a workaround. seems there needs to be a lot of that with evernote. thanks for posting this tho.. now i can waste time doing something else
  10. So apparently Evernote peoples aren't very interested in solving this irritating problem. I echo what has been enumerated here. My mouse wheel works correctly in every other application but when I use it in the Evernote Windows client, it jumps more than a page, which means that it scrolls beyond the point where I was at. Not just irritating, very annoying.. So have to use the up/down arrow or some other method as the wheel doesn't work right... but tough to remember that, oh yeah, I'm in Evernote, don't use the wheel.. Please, please, please Evernote people, could you take some heed and help us poor users out? Thanks!!!!!
  11. Can I suggest that Evernote folk take a look at Google drive history? Or perhaps look at most any wiki out there. There is a revision history that can be pulled up for EACH and EVERY save/sync. A simple 'Undo' command would solve 99% of problems. The new 'checkbox' feature is what killed me. I assumed it worked like the bullet and numbered list.. it does NOT! I selected the lines that i wanted to have checkboxes. Then selected checkbox. And it DELETED the text and replaced it with a single, naked checkbox. And no UNDO! (using my iPod/Apple iOS device). And I was almost going to pay for the Premium as this is something that seemed to solve my problem in 'restoring' my deletions. Guess I don't have to go ask for my money back as the threads here outline what it really does('t) do. And I am liking many/most other things about Evernote. Hope there is openness to improve the product.
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