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  1. why does Evernote not listen to their users? why doesn't Evernote have a standard syntax and provide consistency across the different types of objects. it all seems to be a big 'hack' and doesn't follow any norm riddled with exceptions and such. this would also allow easier maintenance on the product. perhaps a new search engine to replace the old one so that the incompatibilities wouldn't have to be addressed.
  2. So apparently Evernote peoples aren't very interested in solving this irritating problem. I echo what has been enumerated here. My mouse wheel works correctly in every other application but when I use it in the Evernote Windows client, it jumps more than a page, which means that it scrolls beyond the point where I was at. Not just irritating, very annoying.. So have to use the up/down arrow or some other method as the wheel doesn't work right... but tough to remember that, oh yeah, I'm in Evernote, don't use the wheel.. Please, please, please Evernote people, could you take some heed and help us poor users out? Thanks!!!!!
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