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  1. Hey Team, Great that this lovely product is getting some development progress. Hoping that we might see some improvements the HDPI screen compatibility - currently the app appears quite pixelated when using on HDPI screens. Keep up the great work! Ben
  2. This looks bad - any ideas. That analogy of all my eggs in a blender. Rebooted my MBP r13 after updating to 6.0.2 and cannot access any notes. All of my notebook titles have been replaced with numbers. After about 10s of looking this, EN crashes. I have sent the crash report in.
  3. I noticed in this beta that the syncing is less frequent / automatic. In the previous 5 betas, new notes would sync immediately, making things like note links available. In this release I seem to have to manually sync. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this - may be just me!
  4. @gazumped Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hello Team, Long time user of the Evernote product on multiple platforms. Apologies if I am breaking rules etc, but wanted to put a suggestion out there regarding note links. One of the essential features of our brains (which is an often used metaphor for Evernote as an external brain) is the way connections are made between pieces of information -> i.e. links between notes. The current desktop clients allow this to be achieved by finding a related note (manually using search or browse), right clicking and copying the note link, which can then be pasted into the current note. This could be vastly improved (in my opinion) by implementing something similar to Quip using the '@' symbol, and then typing the first few letters of the note title you want to link to (see pics below). This implementation (in Quip) works on the iOS client apps as well. As someone with thousands of notes that form a bit of a working knowledge base, this would be a welcome addition as interlinking information is a key part of learning and consolidating. Thanks Dr Ben
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