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  1. Evernote - 6.0.3 OSX - 10.9.5 Maybe it's a network thing or the program taking time parsing the notes? After about 10 minutes my notes started to appear. Whew Love the new look! [Edit] Ah, nevermind above, the notes disappeared again. At first the notes appeared but was not able to edit so I double clicked the "snippet" thinking that would enable me to edit the note but all I got was a new window with nothing in it...
  2. Hi, thank you for the great app. But how do you edit the title?
  3. Hey Joe, I know it's not as easy as it sounds but instead of trying to make Skitch into Evernote why not just add an evernote log-in into the original Skitch. and not sure if it's my limited knowledge but how can a capture program not have a freehand drawing mode? edit: oops, adding evernote log-in to skitch is what you did before lol
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