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  1. Whilst in Skitch I would be marking up photos with Text and Arrows pointing out significant damage to roads and assets. When I export the photo with comments overlayed, the GPS data would make it far easier to layer on a PDF Map (that contains coordinate information) or alternatively, upload to Google Earth.
  2. Hi Joe, thanks for the feedback. I assumed users would have wanted this feature to recall exactly where a note may have been taken - I sure do. The additional metadata to be recorded/stored would only be minor. Hopefully it gets released one day. Richard.
  3. I've started using Skitch to annotate photographs for work. I assess roads/tracks etc and find it useful to take a snap and then annotate it with my notes. Previously, I was using Phonto, but when the image is exported from the app, the GPS data is stripped, which makes the image worthless. I had hoped that Skitch would retain the data. Currently, this is what I can achieve; 1. Use the iPhone Camera app to take a photo, import that photo, annotate and save back to the camera roll. I now have two photos, one with GPS data and no annotation and the other with annotation and no GPS data. This
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