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  1. Whilst in Skitch I would be marking up photos with Text and Arrows pointing out significant damage to roads and assets. When I export the photo with comments overlayed, the GPS data would make it far easier to layer on a PDF Map (that contains coordinate information) or alternatively, upload to Google Earth.
  2. Hi Joe, thanks for the feedback. I assumed users would have wanted this feature to recall exactly where a note may have been taken - I sure do. The additional metadata to be recorded/stored would only be minor. Hopefully it gets released one day. Richard.
  3. I've started using Skitch to annotate photographs for work. I assess roads/tracks etc and find it useful to take a snap and then annotate it with my notes. Previously, I was using Phonto, but when the image is exported from the app, the GPS data is stripped, which makes the image worthless. I had hoped that Skitch would retain the data. Currently, this is what I can achieve; 1. Use the iPhone Camera app to take a photo, import that photo, annotate and save back to the camera roll. I now have two photos, one with GPS data and no annotation and the other with annotation and no GPS data. This is cumbersome. 2. Use the camera application within Skitch to manage all my photos and annotations, but I cannot export photographs to the Camera Roll or other means with GPS data embedded. This is vital for reporting etc and would be the preferred solution. I have checked all the Privacy Data - Location Settings are On with the little GPS arrow present next to Skitch and in the Photo menu under Privacy, Skitch is listed and 'On.' Any advice would be appreciated. I was playing with Run Keeper today and note that photos taken within the Application retain their GPS data on the iPhone's Camera Roll. This didn't use to be the case, so its a possibility that Skitch can do this. Thanks and regards
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