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  1. Here's the error message I get: An unexpected error occurred while syncing with the Evernote service. The cause is listed below. Check to make sure your computer and network are operating properly. To resolve this error consider exporting any unsynchronized notes then permanently delete the problematic items from Evernote. What it says below: 2 Errors Occurred: Could not sync note 'x'. Could not sync note 'y'. I have the unpaid version and am close to my limit. The files have a lot of PDFs in them. Wondering if it's just a bad error message and the problem is that I can't sync the files because they're too big. Or is there a problem with this super ugly new version? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Couldn't agree more- can anyone who has figured out how to downgrade share with us so we can go back to a usable and not hideous interface? Thanks!
  3. Evernote has been my favorite app- I use it a lot- for work and personal use. I have loved that the app feels a little bit aesthetic, a little bit fun, a little bit alive, while still being super functional and useful. I updated last night and was soooo disappointed when this flat, colorless, gray version popped up. Weird flat looking notebooks with strange gray stripes. No more green elephant. It's so minimalist it feels like a generic label and it makes me want to find a new app but I feel trapped because everything in my life is in Evernote. Evernote- if you are listening please bring back something worth looking at before I die of boredom and depression looking at this new version. It actually impacts my life as I use this app between 5 and 30 times every day. And now actually looking for something else that inspires me when I open it.
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