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  1. Hello me again. Just a general note. it seems that you have stripped out about 50 % of very useful features. I am baffled as to why. I cant find the bucket tool. So useful for masking out parts of the drawing. Please help. Many thanks Joe
  2. Hello again Joe. I have also noticed that when i draw a line that holding shift does'nt keep it straight anymore. Please fix this. many thanks. Joe
  3. Sorry and another thing. Where has the save to PDF option disappeared to?
  4. Hi there Joe, thanks for getting back so swiftly. What a concise answer. The thing is that by losing the font option I dont seem to be able to choose if my text has a white surround or not. As a professional user the white surround is a bit 'dinky' I don't think being able to change this would be a problem across platforms? Many thanks joe
  5. Ps . heres a screen shot that shows the old interface.
  6. But you could with the previous version! Why have you stopped it?
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