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  1. Warning: PenSupremacy is NOT a good substitute for Penultimate. I am going to stay with Evernote Skitch for now until hopefully there is Penultimate for Android. I just installed a fresh copy of PenSupremacy on my Nexus7 and it: 1. quits the app after I continue to page 2 within a notebook. 2. will not reopen the notebook. 3. if I save/send the PenSupremacy note to Evernote with the hopes of at least rescuing the PS note contents inside Evernote, the PenSupremacy note container is there in Evernote but the note's content itself is empty. 4. PenSupremacy has no support on its website. Will cross my fingers I can actually send e-mail to the developer. That or I just wasted $2 and 20 minutes of my life. I have used Penultimate on an iPad and it is wonderful. I am hoping to build up the user cry-out for Evernote to build and release Penultimate for Android!
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