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  1. I feel your pain. I started with a plan to roll out to 25-50 users. Based on the reputation of Evernote I jumped in. First alarm bell was no free trial.... I ignored that and paid up. Then I realised the software was bad. The number of bug fix releases is past daft. Stuff like QA'd engineering and design has gone out the door. Evernote are on the IPO train and it's not stopping anytime soon. The level of denial is wonky. There will be some professionals in the company that realise they have poisoned the product. The CEO even had to apologise: http://gigaom.com/2014/01/06/evernote-ceo-to-users-well-do-better/ All your points I agree with. We gave up on Evernote as a result.
  2. With regard to performance, speaking with support, it is best to think of the total notes, not notebooks. For the Windows client: They tell me a pure text note may take 5 seconds to sync, whereas a 100Mb note can take a few minutes. Based on my experience at the moment, the amount of time I use Evernote is less than the time it takes to sync. I dare not change anything which might be significant, e.g. notebook names, move notes, etc. during a sync. This can have unpredictable results in my experience. It syncs everything, regardless if any changes have been made. If you have many notebooks, don't assume Evernote will gracefully handle any structural/naming changes during your potentially long sync. Always back up your database.
  3. If you are looking to use the Windows client I would factor sync time into your usability experience. The web client would be the way to go if you are planning to have so many notebooks.
  4. Apologies - I reread my post and I used the word 'removed' wrongly. I meant to indicate they were so far not available.
  5. OK, if they are on the roadmap, then that is good news. Thanks for the info.
  6. To give one example, I don't understand the logic in removing the concept of notebook stacks from the iPad client. To me that is a bizarre decision. I take time naming notebook stacks in a logical way to help the users. There is no 'why' stated as to the purpose of removing notebook stacks. Having a single alphabetical list of notebooks isn't a solution which scales well as more and more are added. On your client I can see 12 notebooks with no clear idea on how they relate to each other, on Clever HD I can see 20 notebook stacks listed. I am directed straight away to the topic of interest via notebook stack name, I don't need to know the notebook name immediately. In my view, clients should have a similar look and feel across all devices wherever possible, or improve upon the standard client in a logical way, taking advantage of the unique capabilities of each device/platform. The horizontal tab layout doesn't work for me and when I compare my navigation experience with Clever HD. A suggestion for improvement would be to follow Clever HD's initiative and provide easier access to notebooks.
  7. People have been railing about iPad functionality forever but for some reason EN seems intent on totally destroying the EN experience on the iPad to make it look cute and different than every single other device/platform. I ended up installed Clever HD on the iPad to get a usable iPad interface. Not sure how/if it works with business notebooks. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clever-hd-for-evernote-another/id568312823?mt=8 For me the iPad client is a little bizarre and I can't see the design being retained for long. It's not logical or usable. If heavy emphasis is placed on an innovative design, there must be a pay-off in increased ease of use. Clever HD appears to be more logically laid out and the failure of the stock client to deliver the basics in favour of an eclectic design is something that hopefully other EN client builders may capitalise on. Edit - business notebooks appear in the 'Shared Notebooks' area. Haven't investigated if it does sync, offline notebooks or business library quite yet.
  8. We are using it as a portable knowledge base. It is populated online and then used in an offline environment. We are trying to move from a traditional docuwiki solution to EN.
  9. Agree with OP. What is worse for us is that on iPad client the notebooks aren't arranged into notebook stacks, just a long list.
  10. Agree with all your points. They are straightforward and logical. EB appears to be obtuse to use and administer for me too.
  11. Spot on. I committed to EB based on the market position and reputation of the 'personal' version. Never used it before. To adopt the business version seemed like a logical step... Probably mirror the success of Dropbox Teams and similar.. Big mistake ! I should have taken the lack of a free trial as a red flag. The company can market but unfortunately can't deliver at this time and just don't know what businesses want or how they want it. If they don't get this product right soon then the protracted lack of business customers will surely further delay the IPO. The IPO price will be fueled by volume of subscribed business so the strategy surely is to 'get it right'. This will benefit us as customers too The owners demand success to get their ROI, and I hope it is soon so I can use Evernote and stop looking like a fool to my colleagues for recommending this junk.
  12. I didn't respond to the slow syncing case as I don't have time right now to take it further. I will open a new case when I have a little more time. The last one was auto-closed. If you guys had access to webex or something similar to see the problems we are having, in turn this may help resolve the issues more quickly. The activity logs are OK but with general instability in a product it is always better to 'see' it happening. I think the poster Sean Chapple above has seen the types of weirdness that the Windows client displays which is hard to communicate via an activity log and chat client. I resorted to making a youtube screen capture video which I sent to support trying to show the issue. This shouldn't really be necessary.
  13. There are two issues here. "My sync time is unusually slow." That is the issue which remains to this day. The only option I was given I was asked to go back to the most recent stable release. Unfortunately this doesn't help me as that version has it's own set of issues, just see the combined release notes for all subsequent betas for details. I spend half a day rebuilding my database on Friday due to Evernote issues. My time is only free to Evernote for a limited period
  14. dspapps, So you answered all the relevant questions and 45 days later not a peep from Evernote? Did they respond to you privately? I have no record of any contact on this issue.
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