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  1. 15 hours+ to deliver a product (your website stated 4 hours or so) is not what I would consider to be quick or reasonable. I understand Google cannot refund the subscription, which is why on my second email correspondence to you, using the same ticket number, requested a refund. You ignored it and some 15 hours later gave me the premium subscription. I subsequently replied to that email asking why my request of a refund was not honoured but have received no response. I have also tried flagging up the issue over live chat but to no avail. Now, do I have to summit a new ticket? Panzerkampfwagen: That is your opinion. Clearly the 'bug in the system' Heather stated is my fault. Perhaps EN is not for me then. EN, please delete my EN account all together.
  2. I can only cancel future subscription through google play store and the play store subscription policy is that, with subscription refunds can only be processed by the vendor of the particular service. So, I submitted my refund request via the same customer ticket to Evernote since after a good 15 hours of purchase Evernote still haven't deliver the product. This has really left a sour taste. And sneakily customer service ignored my refund request and activate my membership another few hours later. This is simply unacceptable. Yearly membership is really peanuts money-wise but as a principle I want my money back! And I'll for sure not touch any of the company's products ever again.
  3. I have cancelled my subscription within google playstore and have sent a request for a refund of the current subscription with my ticket, you ignored my request? Totally unacceptable and you can be sure I will never use any of your products again.
  4. I have now totally lost faith in you and I want to request a refund. Have already sent another email to the support system citing my ticket number. Your support response time is also very slow and if this is not resolved at the earliest possible I will have no choice but to stay away from Evernote all together and also advise other people I know to do so.
  5. It's been 12 hours and still nothing!!!! Even in the web interface it says I'm still just a free member.
  6. Same here. Ticket #16051-271054 purchased through play store (android). Sent a screen shot of my play store receipt too but no response. Can anyone help??
  7. Hi, I have purchased a 1-year subscription through google play store on my android device but few hours later it still shows me as a free member. Have send a ticket (Ticket #16051-271054) with log as well as a screenshot of the google play store receipt but still no response. Very disappointed!!
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