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  1. I want to share with everyone my way of tackling the lack of Automator support and options to bulk import pdfs into Evernote. I created an email Automator script as follows (the automator actions are in bold): 1. I collected all of the pdfs I wished to add to one folder and made a note of the file count. 2. Get Specified Finder Items: here I dropped all of the collected pdfs. 3. Dispense Items Incrementally: downloaded from (http://automator.us/leopard/downloads/) and allows automator to loop 4. New Mail Message: placed my Evernote email in (To:); added the information for title, notebook, and tags in the subject (http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/04/20/quick-tip-friday-emailing-into-your-evernote-account/) and left all other fields blank for my purposes 5. Send Outgoing Message 6. Loop: I left the option to loop automatically and added the file number count to the "stop after" section to ensure I caught everything. 7. Press play. I have a MBP with a SSD and 8gb of RAM so it went pretty fast although I think it's possible it may hang-up slower systems. Mail will repeatedly jump to the foreground when sending the messages, so it's best to not touch the computer while executing this. I also suggest a trial of 5 files initially to ensure you have everything working properly. I hope this helps everyone.....
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