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  1. Hey guys! OP here. I did resolve this for myself personally, maybe you guys can try. I ended up completely uninstalling all of the Evernote installer files in %Temp% to give myself a fresh start. I also used CCleaner to clear out my Temp folder and any lingering registry items. Once that was done, I restarted my computer and before opening ANY program, I tried the installer again and it worked! Really nothing fancy and you might have all tried that already, but that was what I did and it worked for me.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to install evernote but I keep getting this problem. I've never installed the desktop app before. I've also tried the new beta RC and this problem still occurs. Run CCleaner to clear registry, no luck. Wondering if anyone has any advice. I'm running Win8 Pro x64. Log File:
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