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  1. I see evernote has still not sorted this out yet...i have given up hope on this ever being implemented and canceled my premium membership over a year ago
  2. I had 2 premium nevernote accounts for a few years and had asked for this offline feature several times. But in the end nevernote won so I closed the accounts and purchased a 200gb sd card for my Galaxy S7 to store my stuff, not as safe or versatile I know but no point in paying for something thats not working for you.
  3. I've been using evernote for a couple of years now and my data is getting larger by the day and I prefer to have all my data available for offline browsing. Evernote belive it or not there are still lots of locations in the UK that still do not have reliable data connections wifi or via your mobile phone provider. I've asked for the sdcard feature so many times and I get told the same reply "this will be forwarded to the development team"
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