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  1. I use Evernote for everything in my business and personal life. In my business a Note is created when an enquiry comes in by phone or email. Within that Note there will be at least one 'tick box' As well as a 'tick box' for each task, I always have a final 'tick box' to say the whole Note has been completed. In a meeting each task that I have to complete has a 'tick box'. With the same final 'tick box' to say everything has been completed. Notes that have not been completed stay in my Notebook entitled 'Diary - 2015'. By using a date code followed by company name and persons name I can easily see the date a note was created meaning how old it is. For example: 151218 - SWI - Chris Grew Once all 'tick boxes' have been completed within a Note, that Note will be moved to the Notebook 'Diary - 2015 Completed' On average I create 15 - 30 new Notes per day. With a total in excess of 20K Regards Chris
  2. Trying to see how to look at or change my avatar and cannot see anything in my profile or account info that allows me to do this. Chris
  3. Hi Geoff, Checked and still not there. I see my avatar, which was there this morning has disappeared as well. Regards Chris
  4. Hmm, interesting, I don't seem to have any of my pm's. Have they been automatically deleted? Regards Chris
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