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  1. When Evernote is in full-screen mode, I often want to open a note into its own window so that I can reference it next to another window on a desktop. Currently, if I open a note into its own window, it remains on the same full-screen as the Evernote application, and there is no way to move it to another desktop (as of OS X 10.10.5). To work around this, I need to: 1) un-full-screen the Evernote application 2) open the note that I want into its own window 3) re-full-screen the Evernote application I'd prefer that opening a new note always put the new window onto an existing desktop rather than keeping it along with the full-screen Evernote application.
  2. Yep, a button would be great, or even a menu option would be fine.
  3. If you have a note that contains an image, and you right-click and choose "Convert to PDF", then it will include the cursor or the blue highlight box around the image in the resulting PDF. This is not what I want, especially because it is almost impossible to right-click in a note without creating either a cursor or highlighting the image in blue.
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