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  1. The editor does a pretty poor job of handling tables (among other things), and a fix is long overdue. Annoyances: If you create the table with a fixed width size, there is no way to later change that size. You have to create a new table and redo everything. Evernote will dynamically resize the columns as you add/remove content, but this is different from the width of the table. The same problem applies to the variable width, providing no way to change it after the fact.Columns dynamically resize. It is pretty ridiculous the way these work. While it's nice sometimes to make sure everything fits, it can also be incredibly annoying. I want to be able to "lock" the size of specific columns so it doesn't attempt to resize.No look and feel options. You cannot change the background color on a row and/or column, and border colors and size cannot be changed.
  2. What I get from the WebClipper is what I don't want. When it creates a bookmark clip using WebClipper, I get the name of the site as the name of the note, followed by text which repeats the name of the site, a favicon with url, and a short site description. I want a simpler view. I just want the site title once (as note name) and the favicon with hyperlink. So for the WebClipper, I just want a "simple bookmark" mode. In Evernote desktop, I want a "New Bookmark" option which gives me a simplified interface for adding a bookmark. For example, the WebClipper does the Favicon and URL automatically, but the desktop client does not do this when you type in the address. If you just type in a URL in the note field, it does not automatically hyperlink, requiring me to select the text, right-click, and add hyperlink since a hyperlink icon is not readily available in the toolbar. If I paste in the URL it will retain the link, but shows the full link instead of the truncated version.
  3. On the Windows version of Evernote, the strikethrough text button is on the toolbar. On the Mac, for whatever reason, this is hidden and only accessible through menus. This is really annoying. I use this option all the time, and would prefer this in the toolbar. Ideally the text editing toolbar would be the same and/or customizable.
  4. Evernote sucks at handling bookmarks. The notebook format is far from ideal for saving bookmarks. You have other customized types of notes such as Audio, Ink, and Webcam, why can't you just create a simple bookmark tool?
  5. @jefito I've found a better solution... Apparently the system tray icon can be set to create a new note when you click on it. So I set it the icon to always be displayed in the system tray. When I click on it and the new note window pops up. This is exactly what I'm looking for.
  6. @GrumpyMonkey Unfortunately no contact info exists for the developer of the Sticky Notes app. There appears to be no way to contact them. I'm a little annoyed that Evernote would allow an app to be listed in their Trunk applications but not require them to provide contact info.
  7. That's good to know, but it's not really the solution I'm looking for. I don't want another keyboard shortcut to remember. There are several mobile apps that do this kind of thing, like FastEver, but nothing on the desktop (at least for Windows).
  8. I have to agree with some of the other posts. The document editor in Evernote is pretty bad, and it does a horrible job with formatting. A for effort but maybe a C- for execution.
  9. I have this request too. I want an option for plain text. I don't want to simplify formatting. I want the note to strictly be plain text with all formatting gone and disabled.
  10. Like many Evernote users, I use it constantly to store quick notes, but entering them is anything but "quick". Entering new notes requires either opening the program and clicking new note or clicking on the tray icon and choosing new note. What I want is a little helper application for the desktop. When you launch this application, presumbly from the Windows taskbar, a window pops up with a text area. It won't ask for notebook (that will be set once in configuration), and the entry will be plain text. Basically it's like a "sticky notes" kind of application.
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