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  1. I posted this suggestion almost 6 months ago and hoped there would be some action by now. I've just updated to Evernote 5 Windows and see that the author field is still not populated automatically. Inexplicably, the "last edited by" field is. If the program can do one, why not the other? In the new version the author attribute is now not even obvious - it's hidden in the info tab. Come on guys, why is this so difficult? David
  2. Thanks Chris, It does seem strange that authors specifically need to enter their names. Typing errors and inconsistencies mean that the Author sort function is less useful. Everything is there - the field, the sorting, the note history. Just make it a little easier not to overlook to set the author. David
  3. I am migrating my employees to a Business account and it would be very desirable to have the author (and last editor) automatically inserted in the appropriate field. This way I can monitor who created and modified notes. I see this was a topic some time ago but I see no sign that the feature was addressed or resolved.
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