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  1. OK, so perhaps I overstated my case. 


    Last week I was trying to demonstrate to a co-worker how a smart-phone

    could be useful for him at work, and is not just for Facebook, Youtube,

    navigation, etc. I picked looking up something that we needed to enter

    into a computer in the lab as an example, but couldn't find it easily,

    so the demo kind of bombed.


    I guess that I had never noticed that the search wasn't scrolling to the

    text being sought before because the text was either on the first page,

    or I already knew that it was at the end so only used the search to find

    the note.


    When I found this thread, I saw the someone had been hoping

    for this feature way back in Jan 2010. I'm assuming that this

    part of the forum is even monitored by Evernote developers,

    which may be incorrect.




    Regarding the backup of notes, I've lost two SD cards to failure,

    and have lost pictures, etc. due to this. So I now routinely export

    and backup everything I can to my desktop so I'm covered in case

    of failure, loss, or theft.


    These backups have saved me in more likely situations where

    a bad app update had to be reverted, or something or somebody

    (i.e. me) munged up the app data and I needed to go back

    to a prior weeks version. In the Evernote app, since it is stored

    in the cloud, there is nothing to backup.


    I haven't researched if I can get weeks old versions of my notes

    from the web client -- if so, that might suffice.


    I know that Google Contacts has such a feature -- it saved me

    when my port to a new phone destroyed my contacts list, doubling

    the number of contacts. There was an a handy undo on the mass

    update which fixed it all up.




    I'm probably not going to give up on Evernote just yet, although

    the above combined with their recent account security hacked

    issue has me thinking about it.


    To be fair, I'm only using about 10% of Evernote's capabilities -- that

    is all that I need, and so far am paying $0 for it, so I really shouldn't

    complain so stridently,


    ~ Jeff Byers ~

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  2. I was shocked when I realized that the Evernote Android app does not have a "find in page" search feature.

    All of the browsers do, as does the Catch Notes which is what I left when I moved to Evernote.

    I need this because I use Evernote for "notes", which tend to get longer over time, and use them when I am not a my desktop computer, or near any desktop computer. Highlighting helps a bit, but alone is not enough.

    The iPad Evernote app *does* have the "search within page" feature, so maybe Evernote is one of those mostly Apple companies.

    I was thinking that in a pinch, I could use the Evernote web page on my smart phone, but because there is no "mobile" version of the web site, the site is too unwieldy to use on a phone, even with a 5" screen.

    Moving from Catch Notes to Evernote looks to have been a mistake. It is true that Evernote's web site is better, but with no offline access nor a good way to backup notes (without a subscription), and no way to search for text in a page, I'll have to think about going back to Catch. :-(

    ~ Jeff Byers ~

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