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  1. OK, so perhaps I overstated my case. Last week I was trying to demonstrate to a co-worker how a smart-phone could be useful for him at work, and is not just for Facebook, Youtube, navigation, etc. I picked looking up something that we needed to enter into a computer in the lab as an example, but couldn't find it easily, so the demo kind of bombed. I guess that I had never noticed that the search wasn't scrolling to the text being sought before because the text was either on the first page, or I already knew that it was at the end so only used the search to find the note. When I found th
  2. I was shocked when I realized that the Evernote Android app does not have a "find in page" search feature. All of the browsers do, as does the Catch Notes which is what I left when I moved to Evernote. I need this because I use Evernote for "notes", which tend to get longer over time, and use them when I am not a my desktop computer, or near any desktop computer. Highlighting helps a bit, but alone is not enough. The iPad Evernote app *does* have the "search within page" feature, so maybe Evernote is one of those mostly Apple companies. I was thinking that in a pinch, I could use the Evern
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