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  1. Very cool! It would be nice if there was an option to include the window's shadow. And keep the window's border radius. I search the how-to's and could not discover this. It may be a good idea to have that.
  2. The latest version of Web Clipper still has these errors in the console. Any updates on when this can be fixed?
  3. With the default OS X screenshot tool, when you hit the space bar, you can take screenshots of the current window your mouse is on top of. This is a hugely useful tool. I would love to see Skitch get this ability. Yes, you can use the crosshair tool and try to get a window, but it will never be perfect and the other way is so much faster.
  4. I am a web developer and am constantly in the console troubleshooting things. It drive me CRAZY that the web clipper ships with a ton of console errors that come up on every webpage. Please fix it.
  5. I have Web Clipper v6.04 installed in Safari 7 on Mavericks. Here are the steps to replicate my issue. After visiting a webpage go to you location bar. Place the cursor at the end of the url. start deleting characters with the backspace key form the end of the url. After deleting 3 or 4 characters, for some reason, the focus on the cursor seems to be moved to the webpage. If I disable the Web Clipper, the described behavior stops. This is extremely annoying. Please fix it.
  6. I have to agree that penultimate would be soooo much better if it just would support landscape mode better. It's pretty shocking that an app of this caliber doesn't support this already.
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