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  1. Thanks for the response. I know more now that I did before and to some extent it helps. I was hoping to either have an answer that was something I wanted to hear (my issue is solved and it doesn't prompt more questions or make me go and do something more time intensive than what I intended to do in the first place) or that an ability to choose (or place) a specific image so that it shows up beside the note is being seriously considered or is in the works. In general, it's all good until I want to go and do something that doesn't select the image of the "largest smallest dimension" but instead puts the one image that I want where I want to see it -- as the thumbnail.
  2. Sometimes I like to add particular images that show up next to the title. Usually it works. However, I've noticed that if a note has any other kind of image in it, it doesn't pick up the one I want even if I've pasted it at the top of the note. There may be a way to do it and I just don't know it. If there is, please someone, tell me how. Otherwise, I'm submitting it here as a potential feature that others might like also to be considered in future Evernote versions.
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