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  1. Thank. you -- I didn't think they were 'attachments' but when I did the Save to Attachments in the Legacy version, although they were not full sized they were better and did save = and I was able to do it for more than one at a time == that's a help. == I'll work with it a bit more == We're talking about quite a number of documents == ScanSanp scanned and then brought into Evernote = so hope I can figure out a way to do multiple exports/saves etc.
  2. I am using Mojave on Mac and have tried with both the current ver 10 of Evernote and also the Evenote Legacy version - ver. 7 = in neither case does Print to PDF work == I can do it one by one, but not more than that == and when I try the Pdf that it results in is tiny and unreadable. Is there any way to get documents out of Evernote? I was able to export a notebook to an enex item but that's useless because it just can be 'read' by Evernote and nothing else == and the only converters I've found are for Windows.
  3. I use Evernote Premium and want to get some documents out of it in PDF format [which is, I think, how they went in]. - I'm on a Mac [Mojave] and am using Evernote 10.4.4 and have web access as well == I selected a notebook [1124 items] and exported it but it came out in the enex format for Evernote == I want to export as PDF - when I went to the web Evernote I could not select multiple items = but could Print to PDF one by one, which is silly. How do I export/print/save/etc documents from Evernote, either on web or in my computer based Evernote, ??? Hopefully not one by one.
  4. I am having trouble using Mac Services [Mojave] with Evernote 10.0.10 - am a Premium paid user = used to be able to Control click on something and it would import to Evernote for my later handling. It's not working now == and is very frustrating.
  5. Help I keep getting routed to create New Acct = I have one already!

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