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  1. I am having this problem as well! I move many files around all day long and this has created such a hardship - I can't believe it hasn't been corrected! I don't see any point in continuing to use EN - which is so disappointing. I was a fan and encouraged many colleagues to use it. Other platforms have caught up and surpassed EN in the meantime, leaving me to question why I am still using this dinosaur. Just really very disappointed all around. Not sure how EN will salvage their reputation after this latest release.
  2. I cannot drag a pdf out of EN and into an email without downloading first. Have to switch over to the app for that. Are there any workarounds? Also - does anyone else have the problem of now needing to take multiple steps to file a note in the correct notebook? I am asking because I hope I am not missing something - it just seems so much clunkier than older versions!
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