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  1. Just chiming in, I am an Evernote premium user and have all my notebooks synced offline, I have reinstalled the app a number of times. Background syncing is enabled in settings. Neither iPhone or iPad app under iOS 7.0.3 will sync in the background. I have to actually open the app before leaving wifi and it will sync which sort of defeats the purpose of background syncing. Rather that adding superfluous features or screen clutter, perhaps evernote should fix the issues first?
  2. I am also wondering what exactly 'background sync' means. I assumed that if I modified a note on my Mac, it would, eventually, make it to the iOS app without me having to open it. Then I wouldn't have to worry about opening and syncing before I leave the house/wifi. I understand that background sync clusters together data transfers, but I in once case I didn't open the app in over a day and it still hadn't synced even though it was 'running'. Also, I gather that iOS 7 learns what you use and background syncs appropriately. If this is the case then I'm not sure if iOS 7 itself is to blame, the Evernote backend, or the Evernote app. You would think it would at least attempt a sync once every few hours if there is new data available. I hope they will work it out sooner rather than later.
  3. Me too. I attempt to sign in, and the sign in box just pops back up.
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