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  1. Agree - I primarily use the web, so viewing PDFs in the note, rather than having to open it in another window, would be huge.
  2. I think it's great to have the ability to mark up a PDF document within Evernote, but there are some folks who don't like taking notes on the document. It would be incredible to have a capability when viewing a PDF so that a small note section appears below the PDF at the bottom of the screen (think of the notes section in a Microsoft PowerPoint document). With this view, someone could flip through the PDF pages and take bulleted notes in the notes section, without leaving the PDF full-page view. There should also be a toggle that causes the notes section to appear/disappear. When the us
  3. Agree - this is really needed to truly increase the uptake of using presentation mode over Ppts and other formats. I love using presentation mode, but I'd like to use it more on a screen while holding just my phone or tablet to control it. Currently Google Slides does this and it's great, but again - I'd prefer to user presentation mode so I'm not having to build slides all the time
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