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  1. I'm having huge problems with bullets as well. It's honestly my only complaint with the service. Three issues: (1) THIS HAPPENS CONSTANTLY For sub bullets, if I try to "shift tab" to make it a higher-tier bullet, it sometimes undoes the bullet entirely and I have to spam the "bullet" button to get it back as a bullet. (2) THIS HAPPENS OCCASIONALLY Horizontal line spaces between bullets occasionally (3) THIS HAPPENS RARELY BUT IT IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT WHEN IT DOES I will have a page set up with dozens of bullets and sub bullets, and sometimes I will open up my note to add another... only to find that ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE, of the sub bullets has been turned into a first-order bullet and a horizontal blank line (as described in (2)) will be left above and below the former sub bullet. I really dislike this one. It's like coming home and finding the whole house has been ransacked -- draws opened, clothes thrown everywhere, broken glass on the floor, etc. And then I got to spend forever cleaning up. Thank you. I hope I don't sound angry or rude. Great service otherwise.
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